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Quilko's Song

Made in Twine / PC

In collaboration with I-Thrive Games and Deep Games Laboratory, Quilko's Song is an interactive fiction prototype that explores the concepts of adopting Growth Mindset ideals. 

Quilko's Song was made with browser-based, interactive fiction engine Twine.

I collaborated with one other on the overall design and look and feel of the game. This includes the many iterations of character concepts, environments, levels and 2D asset animations. 

One of the major things I took away from this experience is the appreciation for process and iteration! 

Lost Embers

Made in Unity / PC

A small experience that gives you the spiritual power of fire. Guide and release lost souls or leave them in a perpetual state of being. 

The Canopy (Our team!) took on the challenge of creating a physical controller for the game. Banging the left or right drum diminishes or grows the fire in game. But you can play the game without one! Check out the video to see!

I was the design lead, main artist and producer during Ember's 10 week development cycle. My wonderful team guided other parts of development !

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